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Motion Templates Take Slide Shows to the Next Level

If you’ve ever needed to upgrade your routine, run-of-the-mill slide show presentation, adding motion templates is the best avenue to get you there. Motion templates, which were developed by Apple, strive to put digital media at your fingertips. With easy to edit and user friendly digital media, you can add still photography or personal videos to your template to liven up any presentation.
The great advantage of using motion templates lies in the ease of use feature. With top-of-the-line editing features, even the most novice of computer users can learn to use motion templates in a matter of minutes. No more will those old family photos seem so humdrum when you place them on a motion template and put them to your favorite soundtrack.

If You Can Dream It, Motion Templates Can Help You Do It

Motion templates are taking the web, as well as, both personal and professional genres by storm. And if you’re in need of a leg up, or a significant advantage in that next business meeting, this little tidbit can give you the edge you’re looking for. With literally thousands of ways to personalize your motion template, you can make it work for you. From seriously professional to kicked back and relaxing, your motion template can set the mood for any forum or audience you need to reach.

A quick online search will produce a plethora of websites that offer motion templates that range in cost from free to pricey, and all can deliver. If you need up-scale chic, or downtown local, you can find any style of motion templates you can think of the simple click of a mouse.
Add still photos to your dramatic piece on the lost arts, or upload a stunning documentary clip on human rights for your non-profit grant proposal. Whatever your needs or wants, motion templates can give you a classy, sophisticated, and affordable way to give your display a nice boost. And in today’s world, there’s nothing better than positive press, even if it only effects you.

Tips for Getting the Most From Your Motion Templates

It may sound tacky, but searching through the “free” section when it comes to motion templates is exactly where you want to start. Why pay for something when you can get it for free right? If you don’t find a template that meets the genre or theme you’re looking for, then you can easily move on to the options that cost a little money. Either way, you’ll know that you at least gave the “non paying” version a try.

So how do you get the most from your motion templates? It’s simple. You use them. A template isn’t going to do you much good if you never put it to use. So instead of crashing in front of your TV this weekend and pushing through a mediocre set up on Monday, why not check out some excellent motion templates and see if you can’t “Wow!” the boss come Monday morning?

The great thing about motion templates, is that they’re so easy to use, you can make three or four versions of your presentation, and then mix and match the pieces you like from each one, until you’ve created a show that will literally knock people’s socks off. Okay, so maybe no one will actually lose their socks, but you get the idea. Have fun with your motion templates, and I can guarantee that when you need it, the motion template of your dreams is going to come to your rescue.

Troubleshooting Motion Templates, for the New Guy or Gal

There’s honestly nothing more frustrating or annoying, than coming across a new product and getting all hyped about using it, only to find out that you have no idea what you’re doing, and worse yet, there’s nowhere to turn to find help.

Because motion templates are so insanely popular,, decided it needed a way to help even the most computer illiterate person figure out just how to create some of the amazing things that using motion templates allows you to do. From exploding and animated text, to adding and resizing still photography, they’ve created a website that can answer all your questions about the use of motion templates. And if that wasn’t enough, they even made the tutorials entertaining.

Through their uploaded teaching videos and troubleshooting guides, you’ll will literally have access to hundreds of ingenious ways to maximize your creative genius. So the next time your boss asks for a volunteer to handle a last minute presentation, raise your hand. Because with motion templates, half the work is already done for you, and with this ace up your sleeve, you’ll be in line for a promotion before you know it!



We will do our best to create more templates in those styles in 2013.