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ERROR – PayPal receipt got an error message when the transaction completed. What do I do?

If this error occurs just contact our support team at  support@motiontemplatesonline.com

Do you do customized work?

Of course we do, just contact us and we will response normally within and hour during normal business hours Eastern Central Time.

Do you offer Discount Pricing?

We have various types of discounts  for all registered customers. Contact us at email@motiontemplatesonline.com for bundle discounts, we will gladly assist you.

Can i get a refund on a template after I purchase it?

No – Our return policy for electronic e-goods are non-refundable. Once you have purchase and download our template, we don’t warrant refunds for e-goods. But we will gladly assistance you if your having difficult or questions about the purchase. We will make sure you have a fully functional motion template.

If I have a problem with a Motion Template I’ve purchased, what do I do?

Just contact support at support@motiontemplatesonline.com and we will assist you and resolve any issues you may have.

I have Motion 5.0, can I use older versions Apple Motion Templates?

If you have Motion 5  you can use motion 4 version templates. When you open the older version in Motion 5 a message popups up - just select OPEN ORIGINAL and it will now become a Motion 5 project.

How do I ensure I’ve purchased the right Motion Template version?

Our motion template description will specifically will identify which versions are compatible.

What happens if I couldn’t download my Templates prior to the expiration date?

As a loyal customer with Motiontemplatesonline, we occasionally will warrant approval to resend an additional link to the approved customer whom purchased from us online. Note: Our store policy doesn’t warrant this process its determined on a case by case decision from our management team.

How much time do i have to download Templates after purchasing?

You have a complete week to download all your templates in your account before they expire.

How do i download my Templates after I purchase them?

We have created a video tutorial to show how simple it is to purchase and download our templates. You can preview the video tutorial  click here:    

What is a Standard License?

YOU CAN: Use our Motion Template that you have purchase and incorporate the Templates into other work you are creating. The Standard License can be used for 1 client production only. If you need more you will need to purchase our Extended License.

What is a Extended License?

The Extended license is one flat rate fee of 175.00 and is valid with one Standard License Motion Template purchase. Example: You purchase a Motion Template for $25.00 which is under our Standard License. If you like to purchase a Extended license for $175.00, you will need to add an Extended License to your cart as well. One (1) Extended License is valid for one (1) Standard License Template and allows you to use the our Motion Template in 5 different client production, but not too exceed five production.  



We will do our best to create more templates in those styles in 2013.